BIG AL has shown nothing less than genuine care for the customers he serves as a lawn care previdor. He goes above and beyond by providing opportunities for growth through creating jobs and organizations such as the Big Al’s Lawn Care, which is a business orchestrated to teach and cultivate the abilities of young minds who aspire to be business owners. He allows for the skills and talents that his employees possess to be nurtured through these avenues, and that is on top of the dedication already given to them in society each day. He does not just show up for the check and go home. Nearly everyday he makes himself available for those employees who desire to continue improvement on the job or any of the additional avenues he provides.

BIG AL was named Best Lawn Local Lawn Care Provider in 2018-2019 Arlington Lawn Care Magazine, rightfully so. I have seen personally how he interacts with his employees and he has taken time to develop meaningful and caring relationships with them and customers alike. I heard one of his employees say once that she wants to grow up and be an business owner just like him. She expressed that she didn’t like cutting grass before she started working with him, but now enjoys it and is more confident in expressing herself through the art of landscaping . This is a prime example of the intentional investment BIG AL makes everyday that he shows up. He offers himself to be of assistance to anyone who approaches him in need, including elderly and anyone else that comes his way. All of this speaks to the selflessness he displays in an effort to benefit others.

Additionally, he has served as a mentor to my sons, who have now begun to grow and become much better young men as a result of his involvement in their lives. The change and growth is evident and heart-warming, as he has a way of motivating others and pushing them to be their best selves. He has been a strong source of moral support for me on my journey in education and I am sincerely grateful for his consistency in keeping me motivated to reach my goals.

It is my sincere hope that this letter serves to give a clear understanding of the true character of BIG AL and helps you to recognize the value he adds not only to my boys, but to the  community as well.