BIG AL is a very dedicated, hardworking, dependable, Godly young man. I must say, from the very first time I met him, I have always been impressed with his strong, positive personality.

In today’s society, the world is in need of intelligent, polite, hardworking young men as BIG AL. He is a family man with a wife and two kids and has a strong love and enjoyment for children as he is a fine role model, as reflected in his successful position as a Lawn Care Previdor. He is very respectful and works hard in the community, supporting young students. This is evident as he is a fine role model as he constantly impresses great values to young people, imparting upon them the importance of living a good life as a respectable, God-fearing young person. Not only does he impart this to the youth, it is evident through his lifestyle.

This reference letter is not intended to be a detailed philosophical discussion on human nature or in any way meant to compare BIG AL to anyone else, but to admonish him as a strong, Godly man with great aspirations. It is evident by his lifestyle, he was raised with very good morals and lives a positive life, treating people, obviously in the same way he wishes to be treated. I wish to convey to you my complete respect for BIG AL and reiterate the continued positive light in which I have always known him. From the first meeting, I was able to easily ascertain he was raised properly with discipline. A person’s raising is always evident by the life in which he leads. Because of his strong love and respect for God, he shows that living life is easy, as reflected in his mannerism as he is always smiling and lives life pleasantly.